Jennifer Huff - Vocals
Jennifer Huff

Jennifer's vocal history consists of years of a cappella with The University of Maryland Treble Makers, an all female group. She saw a flyer advertising auditions for the group attached to a water fountain on campus and decided to go for it. She auditioned with 30 women, and was 1 of 4 accepted that semester. While with The Treble Makers, Jennifer performed in many shows across the country. During this time period she also contributed to the Treble Maker's first recorded album, TM-1. Since graduating college, Jennifer has returned for anniversary performances with the group. Jennifer has also written lyrics and vocals for guitarist Rick Wawrzeniak.

With regard to instruments other than vocal chords, Jennifer also dabbles with guitar.

Armed with her three octave vocal range, Jennifer has a goal to prove that women can sing traditionally male songs, and as a means to that end, has joined The Dark Aether Project.

Jennifer Huff

Photography by Jeff Kushner