Marty Saletta - Keyboards
Marty Saletta

Marty can trace his musical roots back to the second grade, when his family bought a house in a Buffalo, NY suburb. The house just happened to include a piano in his room, so the choice of a primary instrument was rather predetermined. After noodling around for years and several attempts at formal training, Marty started to learn songs from tapes and LPs, mostly from Genesis, Rush, Marillion, and 80's new wavers like Gary Numan and Human League. That grew into joining several short-lived garage bands throughout high school and college playing both keyboards and drums. The setlists were mixed, usually consisting of covers from bands including R.E.M., Talking Heads, Judas Priest, The Who, with the odd original thrown in the mix.

Shortly after moving to the Baltimore area in 1992, he responded to a message to the Marillion email list "Freaks" from a group asking for a keyboardist in the Baltimore/Washington DC area who was interested in jamming as a hobby. That eventually turned into the band The Web, playing progressive rock covers around Baltimore in the mid to late 1990's. The Web morphed into Chaos Code, and in 1999 the group released their CD "A Tapestry of Afterthoughts" consisting of all original, progressive rock material. By then Marty was providing bass lines for the group with the Stick in addition to keyboards.

Other than music, his hobbies include goaltending at various ice hockey rinks around the Baltimore area, following the Toronto Maple Leafs to various arenas on the east coast, attempting to cook Indian vegetarian meals, and trying as much as possible to avoid using computers outside of work.

Marty Saletta

Photography by Jeff Kushner